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who is John W. Green

Post  Admin on Tue Aug 11, 2009 1:48 pm

My Name Is John W. Green, I am the admin for this forum site and hope you will get benefit from using it as we grow into a larger like minded group.
To save time I will copy and paste what someone else wrote about me from another website as follows:

Potted version of John W. Green Psychic / Teacher
Having had the ability of Psychic vision for all of his Life, John only recently came out of the Psychic Closet when he went on the "Street Psychic" Television show, starring MrTony Stockwell.One of the other panelists was Mr. Colin Fry who noticed something in John and asked Him to be a Tutor at His College In Ramsbergsgardens, Sweden which John Gladly Does

It must be stressed that John's approach to the world of PSI is infused with his natural humor and energy. This can annoy some people, who! for some Hollywood injected reason; have a misconception that you have to scream and run if confronted by a spirit presence; purely because they do it on a famous Haunted program.

John's approach and the way he teaches his students leaves an understanding; that not all spirits are going to jump out and scream BOO!! the evidence that the Hull Psychic development group gets both via the people who attend and the video footage captured, every single night when the group meets; is very comforting to all concerned; With the knowledge that our family and friends are still with us and can communicate with us because of the better understanding created by all who attend the Hull psychic Development group. John is constantly attacked verbally or by email and the like, by People who have NEVER EVEN MET HIM and Know nothing whatsoever about him, which is a shame as he Is a very good Medium / Psychic / healer and teacher of the same subject. His back ground of Knowing Hypnosis does not stop him from being a good Psychic and teacher. It is like saying that because someone is a "carpet salesman" he cannot possibly be a psychic? or if someone is a "Professional party planner" then that person cannot be a Psychic also.? this weird idea, that! because you have been given a job label i.e. John W. Green "Professional Hypnotherapist" does not stop him from being Psychic?? the mere idea that some people believe that if you have a job label! you cannot be psychic is ridiculous. Another example, one of the best Psychics is a "Barber" just because he cuts hair does not stop his God Given abilities, so please ... Unless you have actually met John or even been to one of his Development classes, stop the barrage of false accusations.

here is a potted version. Just for those who would like to know what John does in the world of PSI and has done for many years, long before the TV started showing their jump and scream shows :

Here goes:

John W. Green Has appeared on Living TV; On The Street Psychic with Mr Tony Stockwell and Mr Colin Fry. He did very well during Auditions for the show, but! never got to go to the Psychic school, a castle in Scotland. He was told that he was too professional and they where looking for Raw talent.

John Has gone on to be a very good developing medium and has Tutored advanced mediumship skills at Colin Fry's College In Sweden.

In September 2004 John W. Green was asked By "IPM Productions" to Host a brand new TV show called The best of British mediumship, with Mr Colin Fry and Mr Tony Stockwell as the two stars of the show. Played at various venues around Great Britain, Including Manchester opera house, Pavilion Theatre, Bournemouth, Royal Centre Nottingham, The Empire Theatre Liverpool, Glasgow Pavilion, The music Hall Aberdeen and The London Palladium.

John Has been healing people for many years as both a Hypnotist and a Psychic medium and loves every aspect of the subject of spiritualism. John W. Green is also a developing Physical medium and regularly sits in his own Circle based in Hull.

John Wilson Green Likes and Dislikes:

Likes:Spending Quality Time with His Wife Suzie

Likes: Good Manners / Courtesy

Likes: To work In the dark (closer to Spirit)

Likes: Cooking weird made up recipes with no menu to follow

Likes: Wine Gums

Likes: Visiting His Parents as often as possible

Likes: Skeptics (helps to keep ones feet on the ground)

Likes: Meeting New people

Likes: Haunted Locations

Dislikes: Bad manners and pure Ignorance

Dislikes: People who try to force their own beliefs on others

Dislikes: Pseudo skeptics

Date Of Birth: 16/04/1959
Place Of Birth: Hessle Road, Hull
Star Sign: Aries
Eye Colour : Green
Hair Colour: Mousey Going Grey
Height: 5 ft 8’’

Born Thursday April 16th 1959 with umbilical chord wrapped around his neck (a blue baby)

Aged 18 months got electrocuted and rushed to hospital.

aged four saw spirit in his mum and dads house that turned out to be frequented by roman soldiers when the land that the house was built on; used to be marshland. (the family moved because of the visitations)

Had many many invisible friends as a child and appeared quite knowledgeable for a small child?

1974 John started to learn Hypnosis, as he wanted to learn more about how the mind works.

1978 started to learn about astral projection as he wanted to know more about out of body experiences, what causes them what you can gain from them and to do it at will.

1981, John had his first genuine out of body experience after practicing techniques shown to him.

whilst serving in the Royal navy, John was on a ship when a man got caught in a severe ships fire. John went over to the man who was in a stretcher and spoke to the man very calmly and within a few seconds, the man began to calm down and stopped screaming. John was moving his finger in a circular motion telling the man his pain was getting less and less and sure enough this worked and stopped the man from going into shock.

John found there was a very good link between Hypnotic techniques and the world of PSI.

John started to develop trance inducing techniques to help others make a link to the other side far more quickly (remember! in those days 70's... hypnosis and spiritualism where taboo and could not be spoken about freely for fear of being called a crank)

1983 John met a very good trance medium who was willing to let John join a closed circle and develop psychically (The trance medium still does this work and does not want to be known, as he is a very well known figure in John's local community)

1983 able to interpret peoples dreams with very good accuracy

John is very aware of the power of suggestion and because of this vital knowledge is able to conduct remarkable experiments with his spirit friends.

John will not go into a haunted building if too many suggestions have been given about ghosts in certain rooms etc as he knows that this is a form of hypnotic suggestion and is a worthless place to form your own individual feelings from. John likes to have any locations withheld from him and have nothing mentioned at all prior to his visit.

1996 a lady at a pub in Hull, fell over and broke her humorous bone in her left arm. she was screaming in agony and would not let anyone near to her at all. John went over to where she was lying on the floor and whispered in her ear! within seconds she went as limp as a rag doll. John told her that the pain is getting less and less... but! there will be just enough pain left so the she could explain to the doctors and ambulance men where it hurt.. the lady sat up supporting her arm and went away in the ambulance. she later approached John saying that the doctors where amazed that she was not in more pain as this break was straight through the humorous which is full of nerve endings etc... she told the doctors what John had done and they where very skeptical. she has since had a metal rod inserted into the bone to help align the bones so that they can heal straight.

1998 worked in Alcudia Majorca as an entertainer and Hypnotherapist / Healer

1998 a fireman who was involved in a very tragic accident (which left him weak and was worrying his fiancee) was on holiday in Alcudia, Majorca and had been told by many of the workers to go and see John Green who can help. John spoke to the man and then sat behind him on a chair. John started to tap the man on his shoulder and then began talking very strangely to the man, who suddenly flopped like a rag doll. The mans face then started to turn very red as did his the man's hands. after a short time the mans normal color returned and the man got up. a few days later, the Fireman went back to thank John saying, "You have given me back the will to live" his fiancee gave John a hug saying he is eating big meals again and has got his confidence back like he used to be.

John's comments about the fireman "I believe that two forces where at work here The healing power of the Unconscious mind with verbal direction and suggestion plus! the love of our Healing spirit guides who give us the words in the first place" John added "I know now; why! I was meant to learn how the mind works and how spirit work. with guidance the two go hand in hand" it is such a shame that people who! are not willing to learn these skills are very quick to shun them and belittle these very powerful and teachable techniques.

February 2002 appeared on Street psychic with Tony Stockwell,living television.

2002 Physical mediumship and sitting as a physical medium.

2002 helping people on the living TV website forums, with answers to many question pertaining to both Hypnosis and spiritual problems.

2004 Tutor at Colin Fry's College, Ramsbergsgardens in Sweden, Teaching advanced mediumship techniques.

2004 On Tour as the host of " The Best Of British Mediumship" , With Colin Fry and Tony Stockwell.

Running successful psychic development classes in Hull,for those who cannot afford to travel too far to learn their own abilities.Present day

Is Asked to visit Haunted premises quite regularly... giving good level headed advice if required Present Day

Does not jump and scream in the presence of spirit and has a very good sense of humor.

2006 Landlord of The Yorkshireman Public House based in Hull, where he runs his Psychic development groups from upstairs in this very old and fascinating building with over 500 members to date.

2007 Johns Mediumship skills are used by various Paranormal groups who's results can be found on any search engine simply type in "john w.green medium hull" and have a browse...

Present day: Runs many different Circles and is developing a monthly psychic development course.
teaches mediumship skills / Psychic skills / trance mediumship skills and is the founder of an amazing healing techique call Shak Stroke Therapy with helps stroke survivors and head trauma victims recover at a much faster rate when it is used in conjunction with physiotherapists.

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how interesting

Post  Susan North on Sun Aug 23, 2009 7:57 am

very interesting stuff John, and very gifted.

Susan North

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